All-Inclusive Pricing

No hidden fees or surprises. 
Whats Included


End Traumatic Trips to the Salon, no stress from other dogs, sounds and smells.

Peace of Mind and Convenience

Gone is the stress of worrying and waiting hours for your pup. We are right out front, feel free to check up on your fur baby!

Relaxing “Spaw” Day

The Barkbus Signature Service is tailored to each pup and includes:

  • Warm Filtered Water Bath
  • Gentle Brush & Blowout
  • Clean Teeth & Ears
  • Natural Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Trim & File Nails
  • Breed Specific Haircut

One on One Experience

Every Barkbus Signature Service is one-on-one with no other dogs or typical salon distractions.

No Water, No Power, No Problem!

Our vehicles are engineered for grooming and fully self-sufficient. All we need is a parking spot out front.

WE ARE Dog obsessed

Rest assured that each appointment is with a gentle & compassionate expert Pet Stylist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Barkbus special?

At Barkbus we believe that grooming should be about health and wellness, peace of mind and convenience for your furry best friend. To that end, we started Barkbus in 2017 to end traumatic trips to the salon that far too often means your pup is in a cage for hours and stressed from all the other dogs, sights and smells. With Barkbus, our service is one-on-one the entire time, with no cages or other dogs around, and the option of checking in on your fur baby at any time, as we’re right out front! Our state-of-the-art, next generation mobile grooming vans are fully self sufficient and engineered for stress-free grooming!

What is included in the Signature service?

Our Signature service includes all of the following at no extra cost: Warm filtered hydro-jet water bath, All-Natural Shampoos, Conditioners and Face Wash, Hand Blow Dry, Brush out, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trimming and Filing, Teeth Brushing, and Anal Gland Expression, if needed. Pricing for the full service varies based on the dog breed, size of the dog and coat condition. Give us a shout to talk specifics for your pup!

How much experience do Barkbus Pet Stylists have?

While we are on demand, this is far from just a gig. All Barkbus Pet Stylists have years of experience in complex grooming, dog safety and breed specific haircuts so we can ensure your fur babies will feel right at home with us. We are a team of professional, compassionate dog lovers and we would love to meet your fur babies. Check out our "About" tab to see the team!

How long does a typical groom take?

Safety is and will always be our number one priority, so we always take our time and never rush a pup’s groom. Our Signature service is far less stressful than traditional salon grooming, so our service takes a fraction of the time. You can expect each appointment to take anywhere from 1 to 2.5 hours depending on dog breed, but please note that since we never rush, it may take more time. The great news is that we are right out front if you ever want to check up on your pup!

All-Inclusive Pricing

Prices are all inclusiive
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