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Five Star Experience

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I can't rave enough about Barkbus. A game changer and a life changer, we couldn’t be more thankful and happy!

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The most professional groomers ever. Barkbus gave my two little babies their best ever hair cut!

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Very professional. The Groomers were very compassionate and concerned for the dogs well being!

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Wonderful company, incredible Pet Stylists!

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My pup is HAPPY and CUUUTE. Worth every cent!

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We love Barkbus and highly recommend them for mobile grooming!

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I  highly recommend you try Barkbus for mobile grooming! 15 out if 10 Stars is possible!

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Best Archer's coat has ever looked and smelled. Overall 10/10!

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I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the vehicle and the care provided to my corgi!  Worth every penny.

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OMG my Husky looks like he could win best in show!!!

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If I could give more than 5 stars, I absolutely would! Already booked a standing monthly appt!

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Love Barkbus and their attention to detail with our kids with four paws

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I am so happy I found barkbus for my dog. He came out of the van looking so happy!

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Such an appreciated constant in our lives. My fluffy boy is excited to see Barkbus every two weeks!

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The Barkbus Signature Service

Barkbus proudly offers mobile dog grooming services in many areas throughout Chastain Park. If you're looking for the best dog grooming in Chastain Park, give us a call or book an appointment online and we'll take care of the rest!

Warm Filtered Water Bath
All Natural Products
Gentle Brush & Blowout
Clean Teeth & Ears
Breed Specific Pro Groom
Trim & File Nails
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Expert Mobile Dog Grooming in Chastain Park

world class groomer in a state of the art mobile spa delivers stress free dog grooming at your doorstep in 
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Saving your dog from cages and salon stress
and delivering you peace of mind and convenience
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Barkbus service my area?

Yes, Barkbus provides at-home, mobile grooming and dog-spa services in Chastain Park.

What types of dogs does Barkbus groom?

Barkbus grooms hundreds of different types of dogs every month. Some of the top breeds that we work with in Chastain Park are Beagles, Portugese Water Dogs, Shiba Inus, English Bulldogs, and Havaneses.

What makes Barkbus special?

Just like our furry friends, Barkbus is all about simplicity. While our dogs enjoy chasing squirrels and playing with toys, we focus on boosting their health, wellness, and peace of mind. No other dogs, no cagesÑjust our top-notch mobile grooming vans that come right to you. It's not just convenient, it's safer and ensures a happier pup. And for us, it doesn't get any better than that.

What is included in the Barkbus Signature service?

So, our go-to dog pampering deal is the Barkbus Signature Service. It's got all the good stuff: a nice filtered water bath, blueberry facial, a gentle blow dry, thorough brushing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail trimming and filing. And if your pup needs it, we've got the anal gland expression covered too. Now, here's the scoop: this service doesn't include a haircut or styling, but you can tack those on if you fancy. Plus, each of our vans is stocked with blueberry face wash, various natural shampoos, and conditioners, so your fur baby gets the royal treatment. Whether it's our signature or another service, our Pet Stylists are all about making your pups feel right at home.

How much does Barkbus cost?

Barkbus is competitively priced with all 5-star rated dog grooming services. Price varies based on the size, breed, coat condition and service you select. Feel free to check out our online booking portal or give our concierge team a call to find out your pup's exact cost as well as any special promotions we may be offering.

How do I schedule an appointment?

At Barkbus, we're all about making things easy and fun, especially when it comes to scheduling your pup's grooming session. Say goodbye to stress because booking is a breeze! You've got optionsÑwhether you want to schedule online or give us a ring, our awesome Concierge Team is here to help at (470) 276-7272. Want to skip the hassle? Hop online and book your next appointment with our mobile dog grooming pros in a snap!

We love what we do!

At Barkbus, we all love dogs, love people and love people who love their dogs. We are ending traumatic trips to the salon by providing a stress-free on demand dog grooming service at your doorstep. While we may be on demand, this is far from just a gig as all Barkbus pet stylists have years of experience in complex grooming, dog safety and breed specific haircuts so we can ensure your fur babies will feel right at home with us.

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