Servicing Calabasas, Woodland Hills & surrounding areas

Barkbus Signature Service

Every Barkbus Signature Service is one-on-one with a gentle & compassionate expert groomer

  • Warm Filtered Water Bath
  • All Natural Shampoos
  • Hand Blow-Dry & Brush-Out
  • Nail Trim
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Check Anal Glands
  • Breed Specific Haircut

Servicing Calabasas, Woodland Hills and surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need my water or power?
Our van is completely self contained. We have a filtered water tank that runs through our generator-powered water heater and into our gray water tank. When we're done, we won't leave a drop.
Do you service my area?
Our service area currently includes Calabasas, Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas. This includes Agoura Hills and parts of Thousand Oaks to the north, Encino and Reseda to the south, and Chatsworth to the east. We try our best to service most of Topanga Canyon but some areas are too difficult for our van to reach.

We're hoping to expand soon, but unfortunately we do not currently service Simi Valley or Santa Clarita.
How do you get my dog in the tub?
Our van is outfitted with a hydraulic grooming table that lowers to a few inches and lifts the dogs automatically. From there the dogs step down into the tub.
My dog has sensitive skin, do you have shampoo for that?
Yes! We have a shampoo for every type of dog and skin type you can imagine. Many of the dogs we service require special attention or special products. Commonly we'll use a gentle oatmeal bath for our sensitive dogs, however we literally have hundreds of breed-specific products in the van, so talk to our groomer about your dog's needs and we'll make sure we select the right product.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We use Square to securely accept all major credit & debit cards.
Will you service my elderly/disabled dog?
We are able to service most elderly & disabled dogs with a few exceptions. Our groomers are one-on-one with your dog in the van and do not have assistants or helpers; Some elderly dogs may have trouble standing on their own for extended lengths of time. In these cases we recommend a groomer who has an assistant, or a veterinarian who can offer sedated grooming services. We also recommend veterinarian assisted grooming for any dog with a history of seizures.

In the best interest and well being of your dog, we will not start any services that we don't feel confident we can safely complete, or that we feel may put too much stress on your dog.

If we are grooming a dog and we believe the service has become too stressful, or any other safety warning present themselves, we will stop the service immediately.

We will never charge for services we could not start, or complete in any of these situations.