Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

November 2, 2022

In today’s world, our dogs aren’t just our pets — they're important members of the family that we love and care for. Part of caring for these fur babies is ensuring that they're well-groomed to keep them healthy and feeling their best.

You might be thinking, "What do dog groomers do that I can’t? I can save money by grooming my dog at home." While it's true that you can save money by grooming your dog yourself, you may miss out on the opportunity for a professional groomer to catch something that may save you an expensive trip to the vet. Contrary to popular belief professional dog grooming isn’t just a haircut and styling. Professional grooming also offers many benefits that pet parents may be unable to provide at home, including:

  • Thorough ear cleaning. Cleaning your dog's ears at home is not an easy task. A professional groomer will have the appropriate equipment to quickly clean your dog's ears and reduce the risk of future ear infections.
  • Teeth brushing. The health of your dog's teeth can have an impact on their overall health, so it's important to keep them clean. A professional groomer will have the necessary supplies to brush your dog's teeth and remove any tartar or plaque build-up.
  • Anal gland expression. This is an important part of a dog grooming service that many pet parents are uncomfortable doing at home. Groomers are trained to safely and effectively express your dog's anal glands, which can help reduce the risk of infection and discomfort.
  • Nail trimming and filing. If you attempt to trim your dog's nails by yourself, not only is it difficult, but you also risk cutting the quick — which is the blood vessel in the nail. In addition to hurting your dog, it can also lead to bleeding. A professional groomer has the experience and training to trim your dog’s nails efficiently and safely.
  • Convenience for you and your pup. Gone are the days of taking time out of your day to take your dog to the salon! Mobile dog grooming allows your dog to get groomed in a familiar environment right outside the comfort of your own home. Not only does mobile grooming deliver high-quality service — but also peace of mind and convenience.

A professional dog groomer will have the necessary tools and get your dog's coat clean and healthy, in addition to taking care of their nails, ears, and teeth. Plus, professional dog grooming isn't just about keeping your dog looking good — it's also an opportunity to check for any health concerns that might be present and address them before they become bigger issues. 

A groomer’s trained eye may be able to spot any health concerns you may not notice. Apart from all the excellent benefits for your dog, it also means you don't have to go through the stress and hassle of trying to cut your dog's nails, clean their teeth, or trim their fur.

The Importance of Both Baths and Grooming for Your Dog

Regular baths and professional grooming are important for your dog's health for various reasons. From keeping their coat clean and free of tangles to preventing parasites, baths and grooming help your dog stay healthy and happy. Let's explore some of these benefits in more detail below.

Improving Hygiene

One of the most important reasons to keep up with your dog's bathing and grooming schedule is for hygiene purposes. Dogs can track all sorts of dirt, grime, and bacteria from outside, which may lead to skin infections and other health problems. A good dog grooming service will help remove any dirt, debris, and parasites that may be present on your dog's coat and skin. This is especially important if your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside or roll around in the dirt.

Proactively Detecting Skin Issues

Professional grooming can also help prevent skin problems such as allergies, dryness, moist dermatitis, and itchiness from developing. This is because dirt, pollen, and other irritants can build up on your dog's skin and cause irritation. By regularly cleansing your dog's skin, you can help remove these irritants and keep your dog's skin healthy. 

Additionally, regular grooming gives professional dog groomers a chance to closely inspect your pup's skin for any issues that may be present. If they notice anything out of the ordinary and inform you of any concerns, you can take them to the vet for a more thorough check-up.

Reducing Ear Infections

Another common health problem in dogs is ear infections. Ear infections are often caused by a buildup of wax, dirt, and bacteria in the dog's ears. This can happen if their ears are not cleaned regularly. When you have your dog groomed, the groomer typically cleans their ears with a special solution to remove any wax or debris that may be present. This means a dog grooming service will help reduce the risk of ear infections and keep your dog's ears healthy. When your dog is older, it’s especially important to keep their ears clean to prevent hearing loss!

Overall Nail Health

It’s also important to keep up with your dog's professional grooming for the health of their nails. Overgrown nails can cause your dog a lot of pain and may even lead to deformities in their bones. This is because when the nails are too long, it puts pressure on the toe joints, which may cause the bones to deform.

Corgi getting nails cut professionaly

Overgrown nails can also make it difficult for your dog to walk and they may start to limp, which will in turn affect your dog’s gait. A gait refers to the position in which they walk. If your dog’s gait is placing too much pressure on its joints, it could cause further problems such as arthritis down the line. Trimmed nails — on the other hand — help improve your dog's posture and reduce the risk of these issues.

Discovering Parasites

Professional groomers can also help you discover parasites that may be present on your dog’s skin or fur. These parasites — such as fleas, ticks, and mites — can cause your dog a lot of discomfort and may even transmit diseases. While you should personally check your dog for parasites on a regular basis, getting professionally groomed is a great opportunity to look closely and catch anything that might be present.

Shedding Less

Shedding is a natural process for dogs, but if your dog is shedding excessively, it may indicate an underlying health condition. Excessive shedding can also be frustrating for you as the owner, as you’ll constantly be sweeping up dog hair. One way to reduce shedding is to have your dog professionally groomed regularly. The groomer will remove any dead hair from your dog's coat, which can reduce hair fall. A reliable vet or groomer can also recommend a specific diet or supplements that can help reduce shedding.

Healthy Teeth

Just like humans, dogs need to have their teeth brushed regularly to prevent plaque and gum disease. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth and can cause cavities. Gum disease, on the other hand, is an infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss.

Both problems can be painful for your dog and may even lead to other worse health problems, like heart disease. Many dog owners are hesitant to pay for professional teeth cleanings. However, in the long run, taking care of your dog's teeth with regular professional brushing will save you from expensive deep cleaning further down the road — which can cost upwards of $1,450.

Happy dog smiling with pet owners

Prevent Excessive Matting

Hair matting is one of the most common problems that dog parents face. Matting is a tangled mass of hair or fur. Excessive matting can form anywhere on your dog's body, but they are most common around their legs and tail. If your dog experiences excessive matting in their fur, it can start to become painful for them. This is because any tangles can pull on the skin, cause irritation, or trap moisture and dirt, which can lead to skin infections. Excessive matting may even make it difficult for your dog to move around and cause them to start limping.

To avoid these problems, it's important to have your dog's tangles removed regularly by a professional dog grooming service. The groomer will be able to safely untangle fur without causing your dog any pain.

Improving Cuteness 

Not only does regular grooming help keep your dog's coat clean and free of tangles — but it can also improve your dog's appearance! Regular grooming will ensure their fur looks shiny and healthy, in addition to removing any dirt or debris that may be present after a walk or playtime.

Ultimately, a well-groomed dog is a happier dog, and they’ll be sure to show it with lots of tail wags and kisses — not to mention, the pride you’ll feel showing off your gorgeous dog to friends and family.

Pet parent kissing her happy dog

Book a Professional Grooming Service with Barkbus

We all know dogs need frequent walks and attention, but what some pet parents may not realize is that regular professional grooming is just as essential. Routine baths and grooms are critical to your dog’s overall health and wellness, and there are many benefits to having your dog professionally groomed. 

We understand that it can be tough to add something else to your already-packed routine, but that's where Barkbus comes in! We are a mobile dog grooming service located in Southern California that will come straight to your doorstep. That way, you can save time and money while ensuring that your fur baby gets the care they need. With Barkbus, you don't have to worry about crates or cages — your dog will get all the care it needs right in the comfort of their own neighborhood. What more could a pup want?

Book your next appointment with Barkbus and give your dog the gift of a stress-free grooming experience!


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