2024's Tail-Wagging Trends: What to Keep an Eye On

January 17, 2024

As we ring in the new year, we’re taking a look at what’s ahead in the joyful world of pet ownership for both dog owners and enthusiasts alike. Looking for a guide? Great, we did all the heavy lifting for you! Read on to delve into the top dog trends to watch in the upcoming year from fashion-forward pet accessories to cutting edge health and wellness innovations. We're dishing out what’s on the horizon for dogs and their owners in 2024. 

Embracing the Outdoors Safely with Your Furry Companions

Tune into your news, and you'll hear about extreme weather. But in 2024, don't let it stop outdoor fun with your pets. We've got innovative solutions to keep them cozy and secure. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Upgrading to Eco-Friendly Smart Home & Tech Integration for Dogs

You share your home with your fur babies, why not design your home and gadgets around them too? From aesthetically pleasing sustainable pee pads to fur-resistant fabrics, and new tech innovations, we’ve got some tips and tricks to maximize your life at home. 

  • Tractive Dog GPS Tracker with Activity Monitoring. This GPS pet tracker allows you to locate your pet in real time with a saved location history. Create a virtual fence to mark safe zones and get notified when your pup wanders away, while tracking all day physical activity. 
  • Washable Pee Pads for Dogs. Pupiboo makes fully water-proof and washable pee-pads with unique designs that look just like mini rugs while reducing your environmental impact. 
  • Smart Automatic Feeder. Stay in control of portion sizes effortlessly by making use of an automatic pet feeder equipped with a backup battery connection and a user-friendly mobile app, making mealtime for your beloved pet more convenient than ever.

Embarking on New Adventures with your Canine Pals

The surge in canine travel and adventure continues to captivate both families and individuals, as they increasingly incorporate their furry companions into their vacation plans. Now, as we step into 2024, let's explore what exciting horizons await the adventurers of this year. Before you head out, take a minute to review our blog on top tips for traveling with your pup!

  • Train travel is an environmentally friendly and sociable means of exploring new regions. As it gains increasing popularity this year, you'll be pleased to discover that many of these transportation options are accommodating to dogs. Notably, several states, such as California, Oregon, Maine, and New York, offer picturesque dog-friendly train routes for your enjoyment.
  • Vacations are a must for most of us. In 2024, we’re expecting an uptick in specialized retreats that offer a chance to escape the daily grind, unwind, meditate, and get some nature time. But leaving our four-legged pals behind? Why not take them along? The good news is, there are some dog-friendly wellness retreats that cater to you and your pooch's needs. Shambala Ranch, just 2 hours north of San Francisco, offers various dog-friendly events and retreats throughout the year.
  • First Aid Dog Travel Kit. Whether you and your furry companion are exploring a national park or embarking on an adventure to unfamiliar destinations, adequate preparation is essential for a safe journey. Don't forget to include easy-to-pack, compact first-aid kits like this one in your travel essentials.

Convenient & Tailored Health and Wellness for Furry Friends

Businesses are prioritizing customized care, and the pet industry is driving the trend. From mobile pet groomers (like us!) to dog walking, door-to-door veterinary aid, and custom diets, the pet industry is improving pet care, training, and safety. We’ve outlined our favorite ways to bring health and wellness for your pets to your door. 

  • In 2024, convenience takes center stage, even when it comes to keeping your furry friend active and healthy. Mobile dog gyms are on the rise, bringing tailored fitness sessions right to your doorstep, ensuring your pup's well-being in the comfort of your home, complete with climate-controlled exercise spaces.
  • New mobile veterinary practices provide full services from quick video consultations to an in-home visit. Search mobile vets to find local clinics near you. 
  • JustFoodForDogs Veterinary Diet. Formulated to support your dog’s health, JustFoodForDogs is made from human-grade fresh food customized for your dog’s diet. Subscription offerings through websites like Chewy©, allows you to receive these meals straight to your door.
  • Maintain a spotless yard effortlessly! This year, a multitude of companies are offering convenient at-home dog poop scooping, leaving your space clean and sanitized, while you enjoy a hands-free solution. Many local companies are offering these services across the country.

The dog industry is continuously evolving, and 2024 promises to be an exciting year for dog owners. Whether you're interested in keeping your pup safe from the extreme elements, ensuring their health and well-being, or simply having more fun together, these top dog trends will shape the way we care for and enjoy the company of our four-legged friends. Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we explore these canine trends throughout the year.  While you’re at it, start the new year on track with a doorstep dog grooming by booking here! 


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