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September 12, 2023

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Summer brings endless options for outdoor adventures! Whether you’re hiking, lounging in the sun, or hanging out with friends at the park, you probably want to let your pup tag along for the fun, too. So if you’re wondering how to keep your dog cool in summer, don’t stress. We’ve put together a list of summer essentials, including dog-cooling products and summer accessories, so your pup can beat the heat in style.

As vigilant pet parents, it’s up to us to make sure dogs in summer are well cared for, and that starts with regularly grooming them so they can better regulate their internal temperatures. That’s where Barkbus comes in — with our mobile grooming philosophy that sends our Pet Stylists directly to your home to prepare your fur baby for the hottest of days. Read on for more ways to ensure your dog is as cool as a cucumber in the summertime.

Paw Protection

Unless you walk around barefoot in the summer, you probably don’t give the asphalt’s temperature much mind. Dogs, on the other hand, are at the mercy of their uninformed owners. While we might think their paw pads look resilient, the reality is, pavement can get as hot as 125 degrees during a sunny 75°F day, and exceed over 140 degrees if the temperature is 85°F. According to veterinarians, these temperatures can easily burn your dog’s paw pads. Luckily, paw balms and boots can help keep them safe.

Paw Balms

When it comes to paw balms, look for options that treat cracked paws and protect them from hot surfaces. It’s a good idea to spot-test your pup first to ensure there are no issues with allergies. And the best part is, many of these can work double duty for dry noses!

  • Pet MD Paw Balm. This multipurpose balm features a natural non-toxic formula made with 12 natural oils and butters, plus pet-safe essential oils that soothe and soften your dog’s skin, nose, and paws.
  • Bag Balm Moisturizer. With just four simple ingredients that have remained unchanged since it was first developed in 1899, Bag Balm is an incredibly versatile, long-lasting moisturizer that’s perfect for treating chafed, cracked, damaged skin on pets of all shapes and sizes.
  • Natural Dog Company’s Pawdicure Bundle. This two-balm package comes with “PawTection'' which creates a protective barrier for your pup’s paw pads to prevent cracking and peeling, and a “Paw Soother'' that heals rough, chapped, and dry pads.


While we recommend walking your dog earlier or later in the day to avoid the hottest midday temperatures, booties are a good way to keep their paws safe no matter the time of day or surface. It does take a bit of finesse and training to get your pup to wear these, but they help keep your fur baby’s paws safe from hot, icy, or sharp surfaces.

  • Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Dog Boots. Featuring six different sizes, these dog boots are water-friendly with drainage holes to maintain a slosh-free experience for your pup. They also offer rubber grip soles, adjustable toggles, straps, and Velcro for a secure fit.
  • Bark Brite Lightweight Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots. These stylish, lightweight booties are great for outdoor expeditions with durable rubber soles and puncture-resistant tread that can help protect your pet’s paws from hot or abrasive surfaces.
  • CovertSafe’s Non-Slip, Waterproof Dog Booties. These dog boots come in multiple sizes, and feature a rugged sole and high-quality fabrics, while also being secure and adjustable for easy slip on and off.

For Hot Days Outdoors

If you’re anything like us, you want to take your four-legged baby with you wherever you go, including hot days in the summer. Unfortunately, that could lead to the age-old pet parent question of how to keep dogs cool outside. Luckily, there are multiple ways to keep your pup happy and hydrated with these summer dog accessories below.

  • Cold microfiber towel. These soothing microfiber towels are easy to throw in your bag for a day at the park or when you’re enjoying the beach.
  • Dog water bottle with bowl. Why carry two items when you can pack one that does both? This handy accessory is easy to use, just press the button and tilt forward and you have a portable water bowl. The best part? If your dog doesn’t finish all the water, you won’t have to dump it out. Simply press the button and tilt it back, and the water will flow back into the bottle. 
  • SPF sunblock. Bringing a doggie-approved sunblock with you on your adventures is especially important for pups that have recently gotten their summer cut to avoid burns and skin irritation. A reminder for our pawrents: please be sure not to put regular sunscreen for humans on your dog, and always consult your veterinarian for recommended brands that are safe for your pup.
  • Cooling collar. When your pup is comfortable, you’re more likely to be comfortable, too! Dogs pant to release heat, so a cooling collar can help them feel better on hot days, making these collars a part of any dog beach essentials list. Be sure not to leave this on for too long, though.
  • Doggy ice cream. Sometimes we all want a cold treat on a hot summer day! The aptly named Hoggin’ Dogs is an easy-to-make powered ice cream mix made from lactose-free whole milk, gelatin, salt, and other all-natural ingredients that will definitely scratch that itch. With four different flavors — cheese, bacon, peanut, and banana — these scoopable concoctions are how to keep an outside dog cool in the summer.

Backyard Fun

Your pup already thinks of the front or backyard as home base. Elevate your outdoor space with these products that will have them clamoring to get out that doggy door!

  • Fold-up pool. This packable pool keeps your pup cool and calm and folds up for easy storage. As an added bonus, it works great for kids too! 
  • Elevated bed. Getting your pup off the ground on an elevated bed will help keep them cool while hanging out in your backyard or front porch. 

Waterproof Floating Toys

Speaking of pools — get everyone in the pool for games with floating toys! There’s no better way to keep dogs cool outside than by getting them in the water. And with these floating toys, you’ll have them doggy paddling to their heart’s content in no time.

  • Pet Life Dumbbell Floating Dog Toy. A durable dumbbell that your dog will love, this toy is made from thick thermoplastic rubber that’s soft yet flexible, which is perfect for dogs that love to chew. It also floats, making it a great toy to throw around in the pool or your local watering hole.
  • Earth Rated Rubber Fetch Chew Dog Toy. Featuring a bubble knot shape that puts a creative spin on the traditional ball, this rubber chew toy is that much more fun to throw and retrieve. It’s durable and safe and also floats in water for additional fun. Recommended for small dogs 15 pounds or less.
  • EYS Dog Floating Disc Toy & Feeding Bowl. This versatile dog toy is designed to be used as a flying disc for playtime and a water dish or feeding bowl for snack time at home or on the go. It can also float, so it’s a great all-around outdoor toy.
  • Frisco Floating Ball Dog Toy. Designed, tested, and approved by the pet experts at Chewy, this Frisco foam rubber ball is squeaker-less for quieter play, and the medium size fits standard ball launchers for extra fun.

Stay Cool With a Spaw Day

The sky's the limit when it comes to fun dog activities in summer! From finding a dog-friendly beach, an outdoor patio at your local dog-friendly brewery to hiking on your favorite trail — there are plenty of ways to enjoy this season with your four-legged friend by your side. Keep your fur baby happy, healthy, and cool as a cucumber by keeping up with regular maintenance and treating them to a spaw date. Let Barkbus take the fear out of traditional grooming by booking a mobile grooming appointment today!


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