How to Keep Your Dog Active and Healthy

April 13, 2023

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April marks Active Dog Month, which encourages pet parents to keep their pups active, healthy, and happy — especially after a long winter. There are plenty of ways you can do this too, so keep reading for our tips on how to keep your dog healthy and active. 

Schedule Regular Walks

The benefits of walking your dog include exercise, potty breaks, mental stimulation, and socialization. It’s also a chance for you to build a stronger bond and work on behavioral training techniques. But should you walk your dog every day? We can’t stress enough that, yes, it’s so important to be consistent with a walking routine because of the benefits above. 

Here are a few accessories that can make your dog walks even easier: 

Stay On Top of Nutrition

In the same way that the right food is important for us humans, dogs also require a nutritious and varied diet. The best type of dog food contains unprocessed meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits. Without these dog food ingredients, your pup won’t be able to build and repair muscles, their teeth will become brittle, and bone density will reduce. The right dog products also provide an energy boost that better equips your dog to fight off infection and improve their overall health and wellness.

A lab being fed a bowl of food on a wooden kitchen floor.

Hydrate Regularly

It’s important to keep your pup hydrated, as water helps to regulate temperature and supports healthy digestion. The general recommendation is that your dog drinks at least one ounce of water for each pound of body weight each day, but be sure to check with your vet in the event that your pup has a unique health situation. The following accessories can help your pup to drink more water:

  • PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Plastic Fountain. This free-falling water fountain encourages pets to drink more. A built-in spout and receiving ramp reduce splashback and noise.
  • Frisco Wide Mouth Gravity Waterer. Available in either two-and-a-half gallons or four gallons, this waterer uses gravity to refill your pup’s water bowl when it’s empty. Plus, it helps you keep track of exactly how much water your dog is drinking daily!

Explore New Trails, Parks & Beaches

Have you found yourself wondering: how many hours of exercise does a dog need? Most pups need around 30 minutes to two hours of daily exercise depending on their age, size, and condition. One of the easiest ways to mix up your walks is by exploring new trails, parks, and beaches. Both you and your pup will get to wander around new areas and meet new faces while enjoying exercise together. It’s also a great way for your dog to get to know different sounds, sights, and terrain, which is essential for their physical and mental development. 

Here’s a great choice of outdoor accessories to take with you on your adventures: 

  • KONG Hiking Bag. This bag has space for everything you and your dog could need during your long walk, including a poop bag dispenser.
  • Ruff 'N Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen. Available in two different sizes, this portable playpen keeps your pup safe when playing outdoors. It even comes with a food bowl. 
  • Pop Up Dog Beach Tent. Stop for a break and make sure your pup is safe and comfy in this UV plus wind- and sand-resistant tent.

Play in Water

If your dog likes to swim or splash around in water, let them, as it’s a great form of exercise. It’ll help them stay cool, improve their body condition, and increase physical performance — not to mention, it’s a fun way to let them play before bath time! If you have a backyard, check out our list of pools and water toys for your dog below:

Play Games at Home

Ever thought to yourself: is my dog getting enough exercise? Fetch, hide and seek with their favorite toy, and tug of war with a rope are a few fun games that will keep your pup active at home. Games provide mental stimulation and help strengthen your bond with your dog. If you’re looking for a new toy to keep your dog active, try one of these:

Schedule Regular Vet & Grooming Appointments

As a responsible pet parent, it’s important that you know how to give your dog the best life, which includes scheduling regular vet and grooming appointments. Vets know how to prevent potentially harmful conditions and provide effective treatment for dogs with health issues.

An older male vet holding a Pomeranian-looking dog.

Professional groomers, on the other hand, can facilitate this process by identifying the signs of a healthy dog and alerting you to any concerns that may need further checkups from your vet. The addition of regular pampering sessions is a great way to keep your pup in the best possible condition. Schedule a professional groom with Barkbus today to maintain your dog’s health and happiness!


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