We’re Pawsitively Sure, It’s Time to Expand

March 13, 2023

From the beginning, we’ve always had big dreams where every pup across the country would be groomed, bathed, and pampered with Barkbus. While we’re excited to continue to improve upon our experience and add more cities in Southern California, the time has come to bring Barkbus to the great city of Dallas, Texas, as our first non-California expansion starting in April. If you’re just as excited as we are, you can see our service area here and book your spaw day in advance, starting today!

You may be asking yourself why Dallas, as there are so many incredible cities across the country with loving pet parents and adorable dogs in need of some cage-free, one-on-one pampering. Well, the simple answer is we asked ChatGPT where to expand to first, and it suggested Dallas, so here we are — just kidding. 

Kidding aside, we believe so many cities will greatly benefit from Barkbus and our tech-enabled services and we hope to get to them all one day. When it comes to our first non-California city, we wanted to be deliberate and ensure we can become part of the local community and make a profound impact on its people and their pups. 

The people of Dallas love their pets! Did you know?

  • Dallas is home to more than 600,000 dogs and cats
  • 41% of households in Dallas have at least one dog, while over 57,000 households have 4 or more dogs
  • In the past year alone, there were over 1.2 million grooming-related inquiries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area including thousands for mobile pet spas, luxury grooming, and mobile groomers
Illustration of a cowboy dog with a cowboy hat and bone bandana twirling a lasso.

Fun facts and stats aside, when exploring expansion cities, there were a number of quantitative components we evaluated. We looked at population, dog ownership, weather, traffic, competitive landscape, and so on. Our analysis had Dallas at — or close to — the top across a majority of criteria. But the reality is that the quantitative piece is not all that matters. In fact, we may argue it’s the qualitative side of Dallas — the intangibles — that make this Lone Star city shine so bright.

The great people of Dallas take tremendous pride in their city. They love their dogs, and they love being part of their local communities. Our research yielded a treasure trove of dog-friendly and dog-forward businesses — from Bark Park to veterinary practices to a freakin’ awesome combo bar-and-grill/dog park — not to mention countless incredible local rescues such as Hearts & Bones and Dallas Dog Rescue.

While we may be new to Dallas, we are certainly not new to grooming and we take great pride in ensuring our commitment to quality, excellence, comfort, and safety will never waiver as we enter this new community. If you ever want to connect, chat, or just say hello, please do not hesitate to reach out to jeff@barkbus.com. We are so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to get started.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Time to Groom!


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